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Does it work with Slack?

Unreliably yes. Slack no longer provides a public API for streaming directly to a client. The company I am working at love to host presentations with comments floating around, I think it’d be cool to stream from Slack so I did it anyway in some rather hacky approach. So yes, it sort of works until it doesn’t.

How do I stream from Slack?

In the text field where you should enter your instance’s hostname, enter your Slack workspace URL, such as “”.

Enter slack server URL into instance hostname

You should see a web browser popping up. After logging in, select some Channels. All the messages in that channel will be displayed on screen. Select channels

Sometimes the Slack credentials expire, in that case TootRain should present the web browser for you to login again.

From where can I stream from Slack?

You can stream from the following sources:

Apart from choosing channels and thread when connecting the server, you can also press the Option button in the account view.

Option button next to the account

To specify a thread to stream from, enter an URL of Slack thread to the text field.

Enter an URL of Slack Thread

The URL can be found by copying from the timestamp link. Copying URL from Slack timestamp link