Xliffie - An app for app localization

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Xliffie is an Xcloc, Xliff file editor for Mac, specialized for localising iOS and Mac applications, it’s also opensourced.

A typical localisation workflow goes like this:

  1. Export localisation from Xcode.
  2. Edit the exported files with Xliffie.
  3. Import localisation back to Xcode.
  4. Your app is then localised.

Editing other Xliff files is also supported.


Built-in Glossaries specialised for App development

A common task when localising apps is to translate some basic terms, such as Copy, Paste, Cancel. These are not only repetitive, but one also have to be careful to use the same translations as other apps. Xliffie contains glossaries for common terms, you can also download extended databases with over 4 million records. These glossaries are based on Apple’s Official Glossaries. [Learn More]

Check Printf-formatted strings

It’s common to localise string with printf-formatted placeholders, such as Your age is %d. Xliffie understands that and makes sure you don’t accidentally replace it with a %f.

Filter with regular expression.

Bing and Google Translate Integrated.


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